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A Senior’s Proper Medication Management


Due to old age and weakened immune systems, seniors are often diagnosed with chronic illnesses which require the intake of several medications a day to maintain or recover from their health conditions. However, they are usually susceptible to medication errors due to several factors such as forgetfulness, confusion as to their regimen, or living alone. This can result in adverse drug effects and poor patient outcomes likely resulting in a worsened health condition. 

To prevent this from happening, here are some tips for safety and proper medication management as part of your older adult’s senior care regimen:

  • Create a schedule of intake and required doses per medication. Post this in a visible place where the senior can easily spot the instructions.
  • Organize their medications using pill boxes and set an alarm to avoid missing doses.
  • Coordinate with their doctors and pharmacists to synchronize and simplify their medications through compounding.
  • Refill their medications in advance to avoid running out of doses.

Another effective way is to secure the help of caregivers  to provide them with assistance and reminders on their medications. At Love Begins Home Care LLC, we can provide you with a compassionate and reliable one.

Our home care services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are dedicated to giving your loved ones the right amount of support to help them live a better quality of life. We customized our services based on your preferences and different needs.

As part of our nursing services, we can deploy nursing aides who are trained to assist you with medication reminders, personal care, and many more.

For further inquiries on our non-medical home care in Pennsylvania, you can visit our website at
 or reach out to us at 215-906-3338.

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